Hiccup: White Screen Of Death on the i8910

In an unfortunate twist of events, my i8910 is dead! Yup, it showed the white screen of death (wsod). I’ve Googled it, searched several forums and stuff but I’ve found nothing – nothing that even closely resembles it. I’m assuming I bought a faulty device but it has worked flawlessly for the past 2 months or so; so sad after my petition and reportL. But never the less I will continue my efforts and return the phone for repairs or whatever tomorrow.

I was in the middle of a phone conversation when the screen just went all white; a stained sort of white. As I touched the screen I could hear the sounds and feel the vibrations, meaning that everything else was and is working. I’ve tried everything, switching the phone off then on, checking for updates, syncing, hard reset, soft reset, taking out the battery, leaving in on, leaving it off and nothing stillL. Leaving it on the charger it starts to heat up like crazy and I don’t want to leave it there for too long to find out what happens. Here are some screen shots:

Really sad for me… I’ve switched back to my trusty innov8, I used it to capture these horrific images and it did a decent job really. Hopefully my i8910 will be back by Christmas, but knowing the retailer, that’s not likely…

Update1: I took it back to the retailer and I’m waiting for repairs to finish. I’m still not sure what the problem was/is I’ll have to wait for an update from them. Hopefully I’ll get it shortly after Christmas.

Update2: According to the retailer its the result of physical damage! I quote:

Change LCD as screen was damaged due to Impact.

Worse still, it’s not covered under warranty and I have to pay $150 to fix it! Ouch. That’s a quarter of the price of this phone! Double ouch.

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  1. Sounds like the display drivers have stopped working to me, rather than an impact related problem. A lot of these stores will feed you a line about some problem that isn’t covered by the warranty in order to try and get more money. If you correct them and tell them what the problem is they usually have no choice but to help you under the terms of the warranty. I’d give them hell if I were you and try to get it fixed directly through the manufacturer. Having said that my own experiences say that you might be better off just paying the money.

    My own i8910 HD died when the battery ran out in the middle of installing a theme. Once it was charged up again I found the theme I was installing had been set anyway but parts of it were missing, and the phone was on a major go slow as it looked for those parts. Part of this problem means that it wont get further than two layers into the menu and it wont allow me to dial the hard reset code. So I took it to the local Carphone Warehouse in an attempt to get it sent back to the manufacturer for reflashing, but they couldn’t help me as it’s the Italian firmware (I was one of the early ambassadors who won the phone) and not covered by warranty in the UK. I’ve tried repeated e-mails to Samsung yet no-one has bothered getting back in touch with me so yeah, you may be better off just paying the money and being done with it.

  2. Just an update, it was repaired by replacing the LCD. The retailer did a crappy job, I went and showed it to Samsung. They re-did everything for free, replaced the shell and I think they even replaced the battery. The phone came back from Samsung as good as new. Samsung is awesome šŸ™‚

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