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This is awesome! I just got coverage from Engadget!!! Engadget!!! This is cool, my document was seen and liked! This link is over here Engadget Article

The article reads:

By Chris Ziegler

Wronged i8910 HD buyer prepares doctoral-quality thesis on issues

What do you do when you’re unhappy with a product you’ve bought? Return it? Complain on an online forum? Write to the company? Well, for one Mr. Panashe Ngwerume, the answer’s a little more complicated than that. You see, this particular gentleman was so incensed by the Samsung i8910 HD’s problems and lack of continued development that he felt compelled to write a 25-page — yes, 25-page — report detailing the issues and proposed solutions. Unfortunately for Ngwerume and other i8910 HD buyers, Samsung seems to have effectively abandoned Symbian in favor of Android, Windows Mobile, and the company’s own bada, but the report suggests that Samsung throw the phone and its firmware to the hacker community for further development, possibly on Maemo or bada. Knowing what we know of giant, global firms like Samsung, the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this Nobel-worthy work were probably for naught, but it makes for a riveting read and a great rallying point for i8910 owners around the world.

Wow!!!! Nice and thanks to Chris for this, he’s the man!

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My article on Engadget!

Ultra awesome I know!

Version 2 of my report for Samsung Mobile

My report on the Samsung i8910 v2 is complete..

i8910 report

Bigger, better and stronger!!! Over here: Report on the Samsung i8910 v2 final enjoy! This took me hours, please take time to read it. I hope it has the impact I wish for – enough for  Samsung to actually do something..


The report was prepared to highlight problems with the Samsung I8910 firmware and software and to suggest possible solutions and additions that can be made to make it better for the users. The report will cover factors that are only software/firmware related (which can therefore be addressed in an update by Samsung). It has been prepared in collaboration with members of several forums related to and/or dedicated to the Samsung i8910, backed by a petition signed by ­­­more than 1460 people (as of 27 November 2009) from all over the world at http://www.petitiononline.com/fixi8910/petition.html at the time of writing. Problems discussed include- lack of firmware updates for certain regions in which the phone was officially launched, inexplicable lag or delays in opening the media and applications folders, faulty web browser that crashes out of websites without warning, lack of auto focus function in video capture(although it can be achieved by tapping the phone lightly) and the lack of kinetic scrolling, a feature which has been implemented in the a new Chinese firmware update but not in any other, to name a few. The report also covers the accomplishments made by individuals such as hyperx and se7en (forum names) in the online communities to fix these problems and others and their short comings. As individuals taking time out of their busy lives without as much experience, resources and knowhow as Samsung engineers, they can only go so far which is why we need Samsung Mobile to play its part. Also promised, was an applications store for the i8910 [2] but sadly the device is not supported even though it is flaunted in the advertisement for the store.  One of the main features of the device is its HD video recording capability. Again it falls short by not delivering the promised 24 frames per second [3] but 20 or less. We also suggest the possible implementation of the Symbian^2/3, Android 2.0, bada, Maemo or Qt. These platforms are/are going to be well supported and as users, that’s all we want from Samsung- support.


Editing in progress…

I got a lot of feedback from users in the forums asking me to add more stuff.. The response has been generally positive and I’m glad people appreciated all the time I spent doing this project.. The petition is starting to slow down now.. I mean look at these statistics:

Signatures Per Month for All Time





Signatures Per Day for the Past 30 Days




















The momentum is slowing so its best I wrap it up and get it over with.. This whole process is eating up my whole summer!!! So I gotta push to the end and see where it goes.. We’ll see.. Keep ya’ll posted!


Petition to Samsung Mobile to improve/fix/maintain the Samsung i8910

My first post! Whoo! Right to it then.. Ok, so I started a petition to Samsung Mobile so they would fix/improve/maintain the Samsung i8910.

Samsung i8910 in all its (not-so) Glory

My petition is over here: http://www.petitiononline.com/fixi8910/petition.html and as I write we are slowly approaching a 1000 signatures(964 to be exact). The statement reads:

To:  Samsung Mobile

For Samsung to live up to its promise to maintain, improve and fix problems with the Samsung i8910/Omnia HD. We paid a lot for this device and we expect as much back. If not with Android, at least to fix the firmware/software problems so we get what we put down our hard-earned money for.


The Undersigned

Not too shabby but the petition statement was sort of rushed, I’ve been criticized quite a bit about it. Got some advice from Steven Litchfield of  http://www.allaboutsymbian.com from the Phones Show, one of my favorite podcasts.  Hope it gets enough momentum I’ve been putting a lot of effort into this. I’m currently working on a report that I will send to Samsung Mobile. It could take up all my summer break but its all for a good cause. I mean I love the phone, its got a lot of potential but I think for that potential to be realized some people need to be pushed – no shoved – AK.. ok, getting carried away, but you get my point. Sweet. That’s my first post and I’m loving it!