Screen test and simple concept for a torch app for the Samsung i8910

DIY Screen test

I recently read this article, on the MOTO labs website, for a DIY touch screen test for capacitive touch screen phones. So, I decided to put the i8910 to the test to see how it compares to the others and this was the result, click on the image for a better view:

DIY Screen Test
DIY touch screen test with the i8910 factored in

The test on the i8910 showed there’s waviness and stair-stepping, an indication of low touch screen sensitivity. The outer edges show low sensitivity as well but this is probably deliberate because of the screen’s close proximity to edges and also because there are no contours around the screen. The lower edges are even more sensitive than the iPhone though. That’s not bad considering that the i8910 is the ‘oldest’ device in this test and it has similar with performance similar to the Droid.

I should make a note that this is not a ‘scientific’ test and the fact that the testers were different could mean the results are not entirely correct. The purpose of this test was just to see how the i8910 fares against the competition. I took a lot of care in trying to carry out the test in the same way it was on the other devices.

If you’d like to try the experiment yourself, I used Mobile Paint which has no line correction algorithms and it makes use of a large screen area. I couldn’t find anything better, feel free to try whatever you like.

Very Simple Torch App Concept

One of the features i8910 users want is a simple torch application. This is my concept for a very simple one. Simple but very functional. One of the biggest problems with mobile phone  UI(user interfaces) is having to dig through menus to open applications each time you need them. Some of the apps you need access to as quickly as possible, especially for simple operations.

My design is like this. Say you first open the application. An icon appears at the top of the screen to show that the torch app is active.

Torch Concept
Torch icon on the top right of the screen

The problem with most mobile phone UIs(user interfaces) is that you have to dig through menus to access your applications even for simple applications. The i8910 has a handy pop up menu that allows you immediate access to new messages, bluetooth or WiFi when it’s on. Extending this menu to include an on/off switch for the torch and we have something like this:

Simple torch switch
Simple switch for the torch application

That’s my concept for a torch application. I’d like to see something like this and not a metal detector or bounce ball app as seen on the Samsung Mobile Innovator website. I don’t see any ‘innovation’ there.

3 thoughts on “Screen test and simple concept for a torch app for the Samsung i8910”

  1. actually the problem is with samsung, they can easily give us the code for booting a new OS (ANDTOID ;)) or put it on the phone themselves Motorola already used ANDROID on OMAP 3430 phone and if you consider that its a open source OS they don’t need to do more that “copy paste > resizing+makeup > add HD > done!

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