Battle of the mobile browsers: Opera Mobile vs. Skyfire on S60 5th Edition(video)

Tested on the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

Major highlights

Opera Mobile:

  1. More fluid browsing
  2. Better User Interface and elements
  3. Tabbed browsing


  1. Better home screen with social media integration
  2. Faster browser load times
  3. Support for flash/ajax scripting/javascript

…and both of them are free, You can download the browsers at these links:

Download Opera 10 Beta 2 here

Download Skyfire 1.5 Beta here or by directing your mobile browser to

6 thoughts on “Battle of the mobile browsers: Opera Mobile vs. Skyfire on S60 5th Edition(video)”

  1. i find opera much better at browsing but i use internet mostly for videos so i have to use skyfire

    but if opera came with full flash i wont look twice

    1. I agree, the Opera experience is way better, I have to rely on apps like the Youtube app to watch videos. Skyfire still has a long way to go I think, but it’s getting there.

  2. Have you used the Turbo mode while loading pages using Opera Mobile? Coz as far as i know Skyfire compresses the pages before sending them to the mobile, whereas Opera loads the full page on the mobile without compression. However, server side compression can be done on opera mobile using the Turbo mode, which would speed up load times on Opera Mobile. A more proper speed comparision would be between Opera Mini and Skyfire, coz they are similar .
    Great video by the way :).

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