Apple iPad: The bad

Apple iPad
A couple of problems with the iPad

So the Apple iPad has just been announced and I couldn’t help but notice a few bad points. It looks awesome and promising and it will probably do well but there are some short comings, as expected.

1. No flash support. As a device for the ‘ultimate web experience’, this comes as a bit of a surprise. I thought Apple would up the game and come up with a flash enabled browser. Given that they do not allow 3rd party browsers, this is how it’s going to be for a long time. Maybe they’ll release the iPad Flash in 2011?

2. No multitasking. Very disappointing as well, even more than flash. Symbian phones have been doing it for years and they are not nearly as powerful as the iPad. Why Apple, why? Maybe it has to do with performance? iPhone apps rarely stutter or crash and they probably want users to experience the best of which ever app they’re using on the iPad as well. Bummer.

3. No camera/webcam. Maybe I’m being picky here but this is very restricting. A webcam or camera of some sort would have opened a whole new dimension and given greater reason to get this device. Coupled with its 3G capabilities, it would have become a more useful communication device. Even the new iPod nano has a camera for crying out loud! It turns out that the iPad SDK thinks it has a camera as covered by Crunch Gear. Two possibilities; either it’s coming soon or they for got to strip it out from th iPhone software. I certainly hope it’s coming before the launch in 60 days.

Will the iPad change the world like I thought? Probably it will and that’s really exciting despite these drawbacks.

So those are my thoughts. Not a lot of problems really, and they are not really deal breakers. There are other minor gripes though; I wish it had a stylus of some sort or some new input method at least. But no qualms. I like it, Apple did an extraordinary job with this. Here’s hoping it will be released in NZ promptly. Now on video!

7 thoughts on “Apple iPad: The bad”

  1. I remember reading somewhere that there’s a real reason for the lack of Flash support, but I don’t remember what it is. And the other things — multitasking and webcam — will probably be on the next generation iPad (as soon as Summer, I imagine). The general pattern with Apple is to build on previous successes. They try something out in one product, then expand it over the whole line if it works. If the camera performs solidly on the nano for instance, I guarantee you’ll see one on all their other products too. I’m also curious to see how well books read on the iPad. The only way it’ll be a real Kindle Killer is if it performs as well and better.


    1. Knowing Apple, the Kindle is dead, that slow E-ink technology killed itself and Apple just buried it and built a house on top… with a swimming pool and a helicopter landing-pad on the roof.

  2. The biggest FAIL in history of human kind!!!

    Apple u SUCK!!
    and stop draining poor ppl out of their money with ur overhyped crap!

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