Apple iPad Launching in New Zealand first

Apple iPad
Apple iPad Launching in NZ first

The Apple iPad is set to launch worldwide in late March 2010 starting with the WiFi version which will be followed by the 3G + WiFi version in April. As with the iPhone 3G launch and the iPhone 3GS after it, the Apple iPad will be sold in New Zealand first before the rest of the world. From other similarly priced devices, the iPad should be starting at about NZ$799 which is a really good price. That places it smack in the middle of Netbook-ville. I wouldn’t wait for the 3G version which is considerably more expensive since I’m either at home or at university 90% of the time, breathing WiFi. Besides, NZ 3G plans are really bad, not at all practical for the ordinary human being.Whether or not I’ll be in the queue to get it on the first day is a mystery to me. I really want to like it as it is, but I know that Apple will respond to user feedback and launch a much better device with a camera, faster processor, support for flash content and multitasking in 2011. Not to worried about the software side of things, but that missing camera is a pain that can not be “fixed” with a software update. Time will tell.

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