It’s really funny how things change so fast. At the beginning of the year, I let go of my Samsung i8910 and I got a new Android phone, the Desire HD. At that time it was the cream of the crop – later came the Samsung Galaxy S2, which still reigns supreme. Now my Desire HD is now looking dated; it weighs a ton, it’s thick as ever, it has a washed out Super LCD screen, a single-core processor and poor battery-life. Such is the trend year after year.

Some phones seem to last though, those phones that are really good at a particular thing. The Nokia N8 for instance is still the best camera-phone around, the iPhone is still one of the most stylish and app-rich phones and… well I guess those are the 2 big ones. Every other phone seems to have faded to black. My assumption is that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will have the same fate as every other phone. It’s really good at the things that keep getting better on phones and not much else. It has an awesome processor, great screen… great everything really, but it won’t be so hot a year from now unlike other phones. In fact, it will probably be overshadowed in every way like the Samsung Galaxy before it – by another Samsung monster (I’m looking at you Nexus Prime).

I like having images in my posts. I guess the one I picked is appropriate for this piece because we spend a lot of change changing phones and such. The Desire HD is a mediocre phone. I can not say it ever blew me away. The i8910 for instance had lots of potential and that drove me to the whole report/petition thing. The Sony Ericson K800 Cyber-shot, which I had before it, blew me away with its amazing camera. That camera still amazes me today with the Xenon flash and amazing still shots even when the camera is moving.

From now on, I’m all about good products that last. Products that are supported for as long as they are relevant.