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Will a Display Screen Let Me Recharge My Cell Phone?

Posted on Apr 12, 2011 by in Concept, Mobile, News, Wishes | 3 comments

Will a Display Screen Let Me Recharge My Cell Phone?

This is the first Anphase guest post by Sofia Shep­pard who writes for the solar bat­tery charg­ers blog, the non profit hobby web site that she uses to share the lat­est tech­nol­ogy infor­ma­tion about solar bat­tery charg­ers for small devices. Enjoy…

Next-gen Battery

French cor­po­ra­tion Wysips is focus­ing on a whole new tech­nique which will allow mobile phone touch screens to per­form dou­ble duty as photo voltaic power pan­els to recharge cell phones.
The thought is pretty inter­est­ing [1] mainly because it con­sists of lay­ing an extremely thin trans­par­ent pv film layer together with the mobile phone dis­play. The film will take energy not just from the sun, but any nearby source of light.
Expected recharge times can be about six hours from sun­light and some time longer from leach­ing elec­tric­ity from indoors lights. Wysips is at work for the 2nd devel­op­ment of the tech­nol­ogy, which seems to sup­ply half an hour of talk-time after just one hour in the sun­shine.
The major prob­lem with a solar bat­tery charger could be that the sun moves con­tin­u­ally, and my prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence have been that you must move the bat­tery charger every min­utes to help keep it in the sun­shine.
Actu­ally most solar charg­ers for cell phones can be best for indi­vid­u­als who spend lots of time out­doors, and should not read­ily uti­lize a car or wall charger for devices. Back­pack­ers, fish­er­men, etc, could pos­si­bly like this.
Oth­er­wise, you are prob­a­bly hap­pier pick­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent. The most effec­tive solar mobile phone charg­ers avail­able on the mar­ket take a long time to charge — a sin­gle hour charge will give you just enough to make a 5–10 min­utes mobile call. It requires some­thing sim­i­lar to 8–10 hours to obtain a full charge.
Another big dis­ad­van­tage of these charg­ers would be that the unit is only able to be charged approx­i­mately 500 times. This could equate to approx­i­mately 12 months in the event you used it every­day. You will never go green with this par­tic­u­lar thing, since you’d need to change it out every 12–18 months.
With more per­sons get­ting cell­phones and ipads etc.…, the drain on elec­tric­ity grids is increas­ing. So, incor­po­rat­ing the capa­bil­ity for the mobile phone to inde­pen­dently re-charge from the sun light implies they could help pull their own weight, and also you wouldn’t ought to take along another bat­tery charger or move it around.
Another inter­est­ing truth is the oppor­tu­nity to employ this sys­tem to charge the smart­phone while using the indoor light… it is a real bonus. The device could be con­tin­u­ally charg­ing as light falls on dis­play screen, mean­ing it might be top­ping off it’s power as the mobile phone just sits inac­tive.
This pro­gres­sion is much more appeal­ing than pre­vi­ous attempts to gen­er­ate solar charg­ers for smart­phones, for instance Samsung’s Blue Earth mobile [2], which included a solar charger on its back. A few months ago Apple was awarded a patent [3] for a process to charge mobile units using solar pow­ered energy, an indi­ca­tor the com­pany con­sid­ers solar pow­ered energy worth explor­ing.
The solar effi­ciency from Wysips’ charger is now only 9 %, in com­par­i­son to the most effec­tive solar pan­els used else­where. That is much bet­ter than the 0 % smart­phones offer now. The addi­tional power gained com­ing from a solar charger for instance Wysips’ could allow cell­phone design­ers to pro­duce slim­mer bat­ter­ies for their devices, or facil­i­tate faster, stronger devices with appro­pri­ate bat­tery lives.

  1. Wysips Offi­cial Web site explains in greater detail how the new solar charger works
  2. Offi­cial Sam­sung web page where it’s pub­lished the info about the Blue Earth Phone
  3. Techcrunch writes on the Apple’s patent on pho­to­voltaic pow­ered devices.
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  • mee­go­mad

    cool, that with super amoled will make a great screen
    because it takes in energy and uses it efficiently

    to me this would be a good sell­ing point, it will be even bet­ter if it can take in more sunlight

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  • Raheel Kumar

    Neat fea­tures.…. But since it won’t be too effec­tive for the major­ity of con­sumers, it’s best if the tech doesn’t hurt your wal­let too much :D.

    Its an awe­some start to a new gen of phones that can self-sustain their bat­ter­ies, but there might be an issue with lithium cells being con­tin­u­ously on-charge????

    Still an impres­sive step for tech :D

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  • Anony­mous

    This is nice infor­ma­tion about mobile recharge. I found some use­ful infor­ma­tion here about mobile func­tions and recharge method.

    recar­gas a celu­lar

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