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3D Phones? Come On, Really?

Posted on Feb 1, 2011 by in Android, Mobile, News | 3 comments

3D Phones? Come On, Really?
LG Optimus 3D

LG Opti­mus 3D

Maybe 60years ago the head­line was Colour TVs? Come On, Really? And a few years before that it was Sound In Movies? Come On, Really? But seri­ously, come on, really? My point is, 3D at the movies and espe­cially 3D in the home, hasn’t really taken off. What gives them the impres­sion that it will work on mobile phones? Google cer­tainly doesn’t sup­port 3D in Android yet and there aren’t many apps(if any) that have any­thing to do with 3D in the Android Market.

LG is going to unveil the worlds first full 3D smart­phone capa­ble of 3D pho­tog­ra­phy and video record­ing at Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2011. The phone also fea­tures a glasses-free LCD 3D dis­play. The thing about 3D is that it’s not every­where. Where are you going to view these movies and pho­tos? On your phone’s ~4″ screen only? On the 3D  TV that you prob­a­bly don’t have yet? Granted, there are some 3D TVs, photo-frames and lap­tops on the way and already on the mar­ket, but they cost a lot. This 3D phone is like an invi­ta­tion for an expen­sive ride that’s going to crash.

It’s future proof though, right? Not even close. First, there’s no guar­an­tee that this 3D phone thing will take off. We might remem­ber it as one of the great flops of 2011.  Sec­ond, 3D hasn’t really been stan­dard­ised. So the kind of 3D that this phone pro­duces and dis­plays may not be the one used by every­one else, mak­ing it redundant.

The ulti­mate ques­tions are, does a 3D user inter­face have advan­tages over 2D inter­faces to jus­tify the price? Are videos or pic­tures that much bet­ter? Like the dif­fer­ence between black/white and colour, SD and HD, day and night?

Phone screens are small and you inter­act with them; tap, flick, swipe, long press etc — effec­tively obscur­ing your view of the dis­play par­tially. They are also flat; 2D with a width and a height. Intro­duc­ing depth in the UI with­out extra screen real-estate is a for­mula for dis­as­ter. Unless it’s just a cos­metic change and that makes whole thing pretty pointless.

3D phones are a gim­mick not worth pay­ing for. I won­der when cof­fee mak­ing holog­ra­phy phones are going to be announced? It’s about time!

  • Prabh­sim­ran Singh Arora

    Twin­kle Arora:
    I would def­i­nitely buy one if its glasses free 3D dis­play on your mobile screen,
    Oh come on who will pre­fer a nor­mal screen if one can get glasses free 3D dis­play if price is no issue and it is very likely that every device from 2012 will be with 3D display.

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  • Anphase

    You’ve got a point there “if the price is no issue”. But that’s the thing, I think it will be an issue and that will destroy the whole gam­ble. I bet LED and AMOLED dis­plays are way cheaper than any glasses free 3D they can come up with.

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  • Shenoy

    Truly agree ! Big time HYPE !
    its like invest­ing on a driod device and a lame mar­ket place , invest­ing on a Gam­ing plat­form and a crappy title list !!!

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