Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash

It wasn’t until I got my Desire HD that I realised how big a deal flash on mobiles really is and what it could mean for a platform. While you can still experience the web OK without flash on your iOS device, having it is way better. It’s not only about the web, it’s also about the apps. There are tons of flash based games out there, a lot of which are optimised for touch screen mobiles. These games run so well in full-screen mode that they are virtually indistinguishable from native apps.

The games load in the web browser with no delay what so ever. That’s a very powerful thing if you think about distribution, updates and notifications etc. Anyone can just make a flash game that can run on any platform and distribute it through a website like this one. Organising a sizable collection of these websites would be a bit of a problem. That’s where services like Kongregate Arcade come in. I’ve just installed their ‘app’ from the Android market. ‘App’ because it’s just a link to their mobile website This website should allow anyone with a touch screen phone on any platform (but iOS) to enjoy many free games.

I have to mention Steve Jobs’ Thoughts On Flash. It’s a pretty interesting read. A bit a of hypocrisy on openness and some arguably null and void points about flash being created in the PC era for mice and keyboards. There are some good points though on battery life, security and performance. I’m sure Adobe is working hard to improve all that and it’s apparent with all the updates to flash for Android that I’ve seen just this month.

We’re unlikely to see flash on iOS devices anytime soon but that will not slow it down on mobiles in any way. Flash really is all that.