As the blog is entering its second year I thought I should freshen things up a little. After sifting through numerous designs, I have finally settled on this one. I have good reasons for that too.

First off, it’s a very simple design. A very very very simple design. There are no cycling pictures, just the posts that I’ve written and some quick links. Did I mention that it’s simple? There is no need for featured posts anymore because with the current design, you can see the latest 20 posts in an instant, all on a single page.

As you’ve probably noticed, the posts are collapsible so you can instantly view each post without leaving the home page, minimize and move to the  next one etc.

<- On the left column you’ll notice a collapsible link titled “Change Colour”. When you click on this link you’ll be provided with a list of colours. The colour of the page changes instantly depending on which you select. This colour changing is very useful for night reading or just to put your own touch to the site – the choice you make is remembered by the browser so you don’t need to keep changing it every time you visit the site.

To comment all you need to do is click the “Permanent Link” on the top of each post or click the “Read More” link if it is available.

I hope you like the new design, I really do. By the way, I also changed the tag line of the site to “Root of Negative 0ne”. That’s supposed to stand for “imaginative” in a weird kind of way (the square root of any negative number is an imaginary number denoted with an i). Notice also, the “O” in “one” is a zero -just some extra irony there :-D.

Anphase Logo

Anphase Logo

The original “Anphase” logo for the blog was designed by @mad_geek, I liked that logo and I may change the colour and fit it somewhere on the blog, at the top maybe.

Hope ya’ll continue reading the blog and comment on the new design. I sure hope I’m not talking to a bunch of web-bots 😀