Nokia N8 with Android

Nokia N8 with Android

Hell could indeed freeze over. In an interview at All Things D, Google VP of Mobile Platforms, Andy Rubin, didn’t rule out the possibility of having met with Nokia to discuss Android. In my previous post, I talked about how bleak the future of Symbian seems. One way for Nokia to get out of this mess is to jump to a platform that’s doing well – that platform is Android. Rubin gave that example when talking about Motorola. A few years back, the RAZR was the hottest phone around. All that glory eventually faded and the future of Motorola phones was looking dull. Along came Android, now look at the Motorola Android line (Droid, Droid X etc).

One argument that people keep raising is the issue of legacy, bits of code carried over the years creating a richer, more consistent experience. That’s one way to see it. This code carried over the years also holds back innovation. New developments can be left out in favour of old ones because the older models still “work”. Legacy is exactly what is holding Symbian back – it is the source of the problem.

The video from All Things D is after the break.

Android on Nokia hardware? That’s a dream come true.

Today I played around with the Nokia N8 in a Vodafone store. It was right next to a Galaxy S and an iPhone 4. The N8 UI was so clunky I could barely use it – this is coming from a person who’s been using Symbian phones for over 5 years! – AND not forgetting that I had my Symbian powered Omnia HD in my pocket!  The Galaxy S was alright  going through the menus but the browser was choppy. The iPhone 4 had the best experience although I still think it goes overboard with simplicity.

Nokia has the option to go the Android way, an option that I think they should seriously consider, and Google is more than happy to have them on board. That will seal the deal for Android, making it the most popular phone OS sooner than anticipated.