HX-V11 - Spectacular

As you probably know, HX-V11 just came out and I’ve been taking it for a spin. The HX Team has done it again. This is the best version of the HX ROMs yet (I know I keep saying that!). It’s faster than before and the HX patcher is becoming more and more powerful.

Besides the usual set of features that the patcher had, Hyperx and crew added dynamic scaling options together with better phone ID switching. The dynamic scaling allows you to set the operating clock frequencies of your phone for different states i.e, when it’s idle or active . This also determines how much power your phone draws. The team has conveniently defined several presets to get you started. I haven’t really noticed much of a difference in changing these frequencies – probably to do with the fact that although processes run faster the throughput of the operations remains about the same. For this implementation to have a greater impact we’d have to go even deeper to optimize operations – but that’s another story. Overall, the phone is faster than it’s ever been in every aspect.

The Phone ID in HX patcher works like a charm. I was able to install Ovi store,  install apps from it and even synchronize with Nokia software! That’s what I call magic. The same goes for video pre-focus and UI customization, all working perfectly without a hitch. I did have a slight issue with the combination of kinetic scrolling and the 3D homescreen- so I disabled kinetic scrolling. The phone seems to work better for me without this.

Also new to the mix is a Qt backup tool from madhacker that allows you to backup everything – apps, Bluetooth registry, files – you name it. Plus, you can install Swype, which works quite well, and all the other tools that are available from the HX website.

HX-V11 is well executed and hey, it’s free. Do drop some donations to the HX Team, they deserve it. Continued collaboration with other modders and hackers is making the HX revolution more powerful by the day. Hope to see more awesome iterations in the near future. With Hyperx supporting it, the N8 , with all its flaws, is starting to look like a good option  after all huh?