Windows Phone 7: Revolutionary

Windows Phone 7: Revolutionary

#include <microsoft>
#include <mobile>

void main() {
(((Zune + XBox_Live)*Simplicity)^Fresh_UI)^2 = Windows_Phone_7; //squared for awesomeness

return success;

The Formula For Success

Yes that’s right, the code with the formulae for success right there. No logic required, Windows Phone 7 looks like a winner right now. Microsoft has taken the things that define ‘mobile’ today i.e games, music,  and the social and productivity aspects, and they’ve bundled it up into one operating system that is open to any and all device makers. There’s no other company that’s well versed in all these industries with enough resources and expertise to pull it off.

  1. For music they have experience from the Zune which has been around for years. The Zune Pass system is still regarded by many as the future of music distribution – as long as it spreads out more and remains affordable.
  2. For gaming Microsoft has integrated Xbox Live – a community of about 20 million gamers and non-gamers. Their Xbox console is one of the big three and integrating that with their mobile system is bound to be a success. Sony had the opportunity of integrating the PSP line with the Sony Ericsson mobile phone line but that still remains to be seen.
  3. For productivity they draw experience from the wildly popular Microsoft Office Suite and from Windows Mobile. The latter has been around for a long time and productivity was/is one of it’s strengths. Compatibility with services like Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are key to success in the corporate arena.
  4. For the social element, they have Windows Live to get inspiration from and it is somewhat tied together with Windows Phone 7 in the ‘People’ hub. They also must have drawn something from the Kin phones which they subsequently ditched. The web syncing, for instance, is a bright idea that I’d like to see more of.

Only time will tell.