Game On

Game On

Now I’m going to look at games on the Samsung i8910. Some of these games are not free, few good things are. In the preview I’m going to cover some of the games I got from Gameloft HD Games. They range in price from just $US0.99 to $US4.99 which is about the same as iPhone games. I also found some really neat games from Break Design in South Africa. I also demo a game which I believe is the best to have ever graced the i8910. The video and links are after the break.

1. You can download the first few apps shown, i.e Spider Man Toxic City HD, Block Breaker 2 Deluxe and Prince of Persia HD,  from the Gameloft HD website. When I first bought Spider Man Toxic City HD, I had trouble getting it to work. It turned out to be an isolated incident, but just be weary that you may run into problems. I also noticed that the pricing was a bit wonky. A game that cost US$4.99 also cost £4.99, which was quite strange but I got the game at the cheaper exchange rate. I’m not sure if they’ve updated that or not.

The next bunch of games are Flashlite games. Most i8910 users don’t use any Flashlite apps at all so this should give a new perspective on what the i8910 and other Symbian devices can do.

2. You can download Dawn of the Fly from it’s official website. This game is also supported by s60 3rd edition devices – it doesn’t require a touch screen.

3. If you have a Nokia device you can download Ninjani – Emperor’s Revenge free from the Ovi Store or you can download it directly here.

4. You can download the award winning That Roach Game from it’s official website as well. The game won the developers a cool $10000 a few years back so it’s gotta be good 🙂

5. Rally Master Pro is a little tricky. It was released as a game pre-loaded on the Sony Ericsson Vivaz and nowhere else. You can use Google to search for a modified version that works with other devices besides the Vivaz. There is no other way.

As always, keep suggesting interesting apps if you bump into them, comment or ask questions and stay tuned for more 🙂