The iPod Touch(1st Gen) and the Samsung i8910. The End.

The iPod Touch(1st Gen) and the Samsung i8910. The End.

The devices in the picture above have several things in common.  For one, they have both reached the end of their ‘official’ life cycle – the companies that made them are not providing any more updates for them. Both are aslo hacked, a sign that there’s something not quite complete with their software (as far as many users are concerned) and a bit of hope for the future. Despite the similarities, there is one major difference. The iPod Touch (First Generation) was released almost 3 years ago, and the Samsung i8910 is just a year old.

I was an early adopter of the iPod Touch, I got it as soon as it was available in local stores about 3 years back. Back then there wasn’t much to it, it seemed like Apple didn’t know what they wanted to do with it. There were no apps, there was no App Store; the device just looked cool – and hey, it was from Apple. To this day, that iPod Touch is the best tech investment I’ve ever made. It evolved, starting with native apps from the iPhone -Notes, Maps, Mail etc. moving on to web apps which became very popular all before the Apps Store came along and changed the game. It didn’t end there. Apple went on to add more core features to the OS, like cut copy and paste. In a nutshell, the iPod Touch was a truly magical device for me, it gave me faith in adopting things early.

On the other side of the scale is the Samsung i8910. I got it early on and I had a lot of faith in it. The device showed a lot of potential in the technical demos, from Imagination Technologies and others, that where floating around. The whole situation reminds me of the climax and anti-climax of 3D movies, Avatar and Clash of the Titans. Some reviewers said “if Avatar started the 3D movie revolution, then Clash of the Titans just ended it”. Clash of the Titans looks terrible in 3D, it’s a total rip-off. If the iPod Touch gave me faith in adopting technology early, then the Samsung i8910 just made me lose all hope.

To add insult to injury, Apple just advised developers to stop targeting iOS 2.0 iPhones/iPods – the iPod Touch has iOS 3.1, which means that the iPod Touch (1st Gen)will be supported for at least another year; that brings the total to 4 years of support as opposed to barely a year from Samsung. Now I’m a huge fan Samsung (some people think a I actually work for them!), I’ve always admired their products and I love my Samsung i8910. But even I know when I’ve been taken for a ride.

Cydia and ROMPatcher, my two best friends :-)

Cydia and ROM Patcher, my two best friends 🙂

All is not lost though, as I’ve said before, both devices are hacked and I’ll be squeezing as much life out of them as possible. The iPod Touch will probably have a more graceful retirement due the the massive user and hacker base. I only wish there were more users like HyperX and others around.