My iPad Coming Out Of Its Shell

My iPad Coming Out Of Its Shell

Yup you heard right. I just got my iPad today. 64GB Wi-fi only version. The 3G version would be too expensive in the short and long term so I went with the Wi-fi.

First Impressions

It’s a monster of a device, extremely fast… no hold on. I’ll tell you want I don’t like first.

  1. Won’t charge on my laptop USB port. According to Apple, this is the situation on older computers with older USB ports that push less current. It’s sad, I can’t and won’t replace it for the next 2 years. Guess I’ll have to live with that, but it’s no big deal.
  2. It’s heavier than I thought; it’s a little too heavy in fact. I’ll see how it holds in the long run.
  3. Finger-print magnet!; I thought they said it uses some anti-smudge technology? Where is it?

Other than that, I love it! Just downloaded the iBooks App and the Marvell Comics App, can’t wait to try those out. I’ll be testing to see if I can connect to the internet via the Samsung i8910’s 3G network using Jaiku Spot. This could be the ultimate combination! I’ll also compare the screens, see how awesome AMOLED really is :-D.

Stay tuned for some videos and more pics as I get familiar with it. One more pic after the break of the iPad at your favorite website 🙂 . on the iPad on the iPad

Take my word for it, web browsing on the iPad is AMAZING. More on that and other things later.

The pics where taken on the i8910  by the way 😀