Well, seems the i8910 running Windows Phone 7 Series demoed in my last post is probably just the same device we all have. Same everything! According to TechRadar, Micosoft hacked Windows Phone 7 Series onto the i8910 just to demo it and it was a one off thing. This from TechRadar:

“The launch was from Microsoft, not Samsung, and they used the i8910HD to demo Windows 7,” said a Samsung spokesperson.

“It’s not yet clear whether existing i8910HD users will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 as this demo was a one-off.”

Chances that Microsoft would actually go as far as to upgrade the processor and display are slim. The display in the video seems to be AMOLED, they certainly wouldn’t make another AMOLED display! From what I can observe in the video, only the buttons were altered. So it seems that the ball is in the hands of Microsoft but the question is, if it were possible, would we want it? Participate in the poll and view the results to find out.