All for Windows Phone 7 Series on the Samsung i8910? Microsoft Calls the Shots(poll)

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Well, seems the i8910 run­ning Win­dows Phone 7 Series demoed in my last post is prob­a­bly just the same device we all have. Same every­thing! Accord­ing to TechRadar, Micosoft hacked Win­dows Phone 7 Series onto the i8910 just to demo it and it was a one off thing. This from TechRadar:

The launch was from Microsoft, not Sam­sung, and they used the i8910HD to demo Win­dows 7,” said a Sam­sung spokesperson.

It’s not yet clear whether exist­ing i8910HD users will be able to upgrade to Win­dows 7 as this demo was a one-off.”

Chances that Microsoft would actu­ally go as far as to upgrade the proces­sor and dis­play are slim. The dis­play in the video seems to be AMOLED, they cer­tainly wouldn’t make another AMOLED dis­play! From what I can observe in the video, only the but­tons were altered. So it seems that the ball is in the hands of Microsoft but the ques­tion is, if it were pos­si­ble, would we want it? Par­tic­i­pate in the poll and view the results to find out.

  • darknight07

    I don’t know if i should cry or laugh. I mean r we gonna have another peti­tion now demand­ing Win­dows Phone 7 lol?
    well, Omnia HD, once again, cer­tainly meets and exceeds hard­ware specs:
    The specs u wrote before were old rumors (aka 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, etc… no)
    well, it cer­tainly would be inter­est­ing to see Samsung’s reac­tion to u when u ask them about it :)
    PS: the phone demoed is appar­ently Sam­sung Omnia 3 (code­name “Slate”)to be announced in June (hence smaller screen), but at such infancy that Sam­sung pretty much just used some old Omnia HD unit and lit­er­ally painted it with a paint brush

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  • Other results

    1 it will mat­ter only if we can update our phones to win phone 7! 1
    2 Let’s first see how good win7 is, but pos­si­bil­ity would be nice 1
    3 It would be very cool to have a choice of OS — but maybe Symbian^3 or Android? 1
    4 I would like to try it but think I would return to Sym­bian 1
    5 would be nice to try but rather have android 1
    6 Fix the cur­rent sym­bian on i8910 1
    7 No, Samsung’s bada or Android would be more suit­able 1
    8 It’s still Sam­sung. THis is the “Grass is always greener”-effect! 1
    9 yes but dont want to pay 1
    10 Meego 1
    11 Win­dows sucks! There are no Win­dows phones with rea­son­able photo/video specs! 1

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  • darknight07

    BTW, Win­dows Phone 7 is becom­ing locked just as much as it is pretty,
    To add to no mul­ti­task­ing and cus­tomi­sa­tion, here goes no copy/paste (which i find cur­rent sym­bian lack­ing as well):( , and no sup­port for exter­nal mem­ory cards AT ALL (why need them if u can’t use them), along with exact same but­tons
    Well, it cer­tainly becom­ing a great looking/much antic­i­pated ‘Zune Phone’ to have(no signs of windows)

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  • Has­san

    Any­thing on the i8910 hd besides symbian1 looks good. I think hav­ing winmo 7 on it is a dream, so is symbian3. The best thing is to have Bada on. Sam­sung made both Bada and the i8910 hd. So i think it shouldn’t be impos­si­ble to port Bada on our phones.

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  • Yade

    Bada is not going to be a suc­cess­ful OS. Why would you want that, no 3rd party sup­port and it was designed by Samsung!

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  • shashankpandey1991

    @anphase — i guess India is going to get an update soon coz ear­lier when i used to chck for update PC stu­dio was show­ing error that “con­nected phone is nor sup­ported” but now its show­ing that
    ” your phone is up to date, no update required” 😀

    hope that update come soon…!

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  • T-Rex

    Wow.. SO cool :)

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  • Twin­kle Arora

    I think omnia hd is a prod­uct that no one is will­ing to sup­port, for me it’s a gone case,I am going to sell my phone for 150 bucks if noone shows any sup­port till a month. My uncle has a mobile store and guess what once I went there and some cus­tomers were think­ing to buy omnia hd and I con­vinced them that this is a bull sh.t mobile and you should never opt for sam­sung. Yo
    I am already affect­ing the cus­tomers and i am soon going to launch a sam­sung hate web­site too!

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  • Bruins3

    I don’t know why you want Windows7. First it’s all com­plain­ing about the photo/video qual­ity of this device and now every­one wants to put in an OS that has never (ever) run on a device that makes decent photo’s and video’s. Next to that WinMo is (at least till ver­sion 6.5) verry onstable!

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