The Results Are In

The Results Are In

I should make a note that I’m actually typing this post on my Omnia HD 🙂 Who said it wasn’t a capable device? We’re at the beginning of the the month so I thought now would be a good time to share the results of last months polls. You can view all the polls conducted over here. The results are indicative of what the average Samsung i8910 user feels. More polls are to follow, if you have any suggestions feel free to comment or write. More than 800 votes were cast in the 3 polls and the results are after the break.

Is Samsung doing enough for the Omnia HD i8910?

No, Samsung is not doing enough for the i8910. According to the votes, 177 users (63%) voted on that it would be the last mobile phone they buy from Samsung. Another 60 users (21%) feel it’s still early days and we should give Samsung more time to get their act together. With the upcoming release of Bada and no planned Symbian devices from Samsung in 2010, I feel we’re running out of time. Once they move on and start focusing on other devices, it’s all over.

Which firmware version are you running on the Samsung i8910?

Not surprisingly, most users in the online community use custom ROMs. 130 users (42%) said they use custom ROMs such as HyperX 1.x/2.x64(21%) voters use firmware that they updated via PC Studio. Only 58 (19%) use the original firmware as bought. A total of 59% of the users who voted use unofficial firmware. That’s quite alarming and it shows just how bad the ‘official’ ROMs are.

I’ve used custom ROMs before quite a lot, but the idea of knowing that I will have to flash it several times put me off. There are times when I would flash a custom ROM, install all my apps, copy music, sync etc. then I’d discover a major bug that would force me to flash something else. That takes a while so now I mainly go for official ROMs because they are ‘safe’ and there’s a greater sense on permanency with my data/apps. But that’s just me, I think custom ROMs are awesome though, just not for me :-).

Would you like bada on the i8910?

Maybe I should have started this poll after Mobile World Congress 2010 because Bada was showcased then and it got mixed reactions. Still, a whooping 161 (69%) of the people who responded felt that we should have Bada on the i8910. Only 40 (16%) said they prefer other Operating Systems like Android.

One of Apple’s strengths is that it makes its own software and hardware. That gives them more control and allows them to have tighter integration between hardware and software. The result is some of the best devices on the market, the iPhone and iPod Touch lines. If Samsung can do the same with Bada and their devices, we will be seeing some pretty amazing devices doing pretty amazing things pretty soon.