SPB Mobile Shell 5.0

SPB Mobile Shell 5.0

SPB software just announced version 5.0 of SPB Mobile Shell with support for Android and Symbian devices. I am a huge fan of the SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 on my Windows Mobile HP Ipaq 211 and I’m glad to see this ported to other platforms. The new update features:

  • New 3D engine
  • Natural Interaction Engine
  • 3D widgets
  • Tight integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • SPB UI Builder 2.0
  • Multi-platform support: Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian

Considering that some devices come with SPB Mobile Shell as the default UI, this is a whole new chapter for the Samsung i8910, a new lease of life. You can check out a video demo by http://www.geeks.hu from the Mobile World Congress 2010 after the break.

Awesome right? I should be getting a demo application in due course to show you a more in-depth overview. From my experience with my Windows Mobile PDA, the integration is really deep.  I also understand is makes use of Open GL ES 2.0 making it the first application on the i8910 that uses this.