Samsung Omnia HD Update


This is my take on the latest update for the Samsung Omnia HD. The update for the i8910 just came out and I updated my phone to try it out. I downloaded the firmware from have to create a free account). I had to download both i8910XXJB1(Italian) and i8910XEJB1(Russian) versions since the Italian one is incomplete. I could have just used the Russian one but it has too many useless pre-installed applications(but ~28MB free!). Even though I was greatly disappointed by the update, I feel it’s the best update by Samsung yet. Video after the break. Although they succeeded in doing a lot of things wrong, they fixed a lot of the problems that have been plaguing the phone for a long time. With added support for WMV and WMA files, fully functional Communities and Podcast applications, better kinetic scrolling, better battery life and better overall performance, this update is a winner. It also seems to take better HD video(drops less frames), but not much better.

It is because this update is the best so far that I’ve suggested we push for bada. If the specs of the new bada phone are anything to go by, this is going to be an awesomely powerful platform. It’s rumored to have a 1GHz processor and a 5MP camera with 720p video recording.

Here’s my video overview: