Samsung bada Screens

Samsung bada Screens

The recent update for the i8910 was a disaster. It is now apparent that Samsung does not have the capacity or the drive to support any Symbian device, worse still with the launch of their new smartphone Operating System(OS) bada. I noticed that they removed all Symbian apps from the Samsung App Store, not one from the 12 that were there when I prepared the report remains. With that, their plans for the future with Symbian are pretty clear. They have none.

The report was very general on what we wanted, we were open to anything. Users wanted any of Android, Maemo, Symbian^2+ or bada. In my meeting with Samsung, our suggestions were dismissed:

“It is possible to have these on the device. Problem is that the work required to do something like that is equivalent to developing a new product all together. So no, it’s not happening.”

bada though, is a different beast from these other operating systems. It’s made by Samsung, they are responsible for every bit of it and they want it to succeed and grow. The i8910 already had a large user base, users who are generally not happy with the current state of the device (from the polls). What better way to launch this new awesome platform than on a device that’s owned and admired by many?

So what is bada? Are we going out of the frying pan into the fire? I think not.

  • bada is a smartphone operating system developed and maintained by Samsung.
  • It’s based on the Touch Wiz UI which is used on most Samsung phones including the i8910
  • Samsung bada provides flash control, web control, motion sensing, fine-tuned vibration control, and face detection. Also, it supports sensor-based, context-aware applications. By using various sensors such as accelerometers, tilt, weather, proximity, and activity sensors, application developers can easily implement context-aware interactive applications.
  • Has support from Twitter, movies and games rental outlet Blockbuster, Video and iconic games developers CAPCOM, EA Mobile, and Gameloft.

They also have a developer program in which they’ll be providing developers with all sorts of tools and SDKs to get them going. This sounds a lot like the big ideas they had for s60v5 on the i8910 but it’s different in that they run the entire show. Considering that no game or application was ever developed for the i8910 to take advantage of Open GLES 2.0 amongst other things, I feel the developer program for the i8910/Symbian failed. With support from their partners, it may be a different story. The program seems to have worked for the Omnia 2/Windows Mobile though, it has many applications on the Samsung Apps Store.

So, do you agree? Would you like to see bada on the i8910 or is it a far-fetched idea that’s not worth our time? You can participate in the poll here.