Cool Symbian Applications

Cool Symbian Applications

This is the first in a series of posts with videos where I look at some interesting Symbian applications. I believe that the Symbian platform is one of the best for mobile phones but one thing that is bringing it down is division. There are several great applications out there but it’ss really hard to find them. These are a few free apps that I found to break the ice, any suggestions of some ‘gems’ that you find will be greatly appreciated. Video after the break.

1. The first application is the bar-code reader which you can download from or direct you mobile phone browser to I’ve been using bar-code readers for a while and I find them extremely useful to quickly download apps without any cables or awkward typing.

2. Ali Tan’s file explorer application Activefile can be found here or point your bar-code reader to:

3. Wikipedia widget from the developers website or directly here:

Wikipedia widget

Wikipedia widget

4. Fun Torch Application from Smartphoneware here or directly from the bar-code

Fun torch

Fun Torch

App Boy

There is a bit of hope for Symbian applications with the coming of AppBoy support for Symbian. I was told by the owners of this website to expect Symbian support soon. So what’s the big fuss with AppBoy? Well, it’s a community whereby people come up with ideas for applications they want. If other members of the community think it’s a good idea they vote for it. Developers can then take up the idea and develop the application proposed. The person who came up with the idea gets $250 if the application is developed.

Developers can also create applications and get feedback from the community. They can then go on to sell their applications at the website too. If this program came for Symbian, basic things such as a torch application or threaded SMS  would surely be a hit. Hopefully Symbian will not be left out in the cold on this one.

All the apps listed above are freeware. If you have any suggestions or apps that you’d like to see, feel free to drop a comment. Cheers.