I’ve prepared a video to give you a preview of the upcoming update. The firmware is not final, it still has a few issues to be ironed out but it does give you an idea of what’s to be expected. I’ve also included a few apps from Samsung Mobile Innovator and Imagination Technologies PowerVR SDK. All these are freely available for download. So far, these demos are as close as we can get to the full power of the i8910, and that’s a lot of power. I’ve also added an extra video with a preview of Symbian^4 running on the i8910 courtesy of AAS from The Symbian Exchange and Exposition SEE 2009.

Short demo of upcoming update and a bit more


(Updated) You can download qt demos from qt demo website. To get Qt to run on the i8910 you need to install the following files:

Qt_selfsigned(on C:)



QtWebkit selfsigned

After that you’ll have a suit with several Qt demos. You can then install the Weather, Budget apps etc that are on the Qt website above.

Qt Apps

A bunch of Qt apps on the i8910

SMI Demo pack from Samsung Moblie Innovator (You need to have a free account with Samsung Mobile Innovator to download)

(Updated)Opera moblie browser from Opera Mobile. Watch a video comparison of Opera Mobile vs. Skyfire (with links)

Fring for VoIP from the Fring website

You can get more free apps from AAS(All About Symbian) over here on their top 20 list of applications for the i8910 compiled by Steven Litchfield.

Some of these apps take a while to install because they consist of several applications. You will need to accept a bunch of things many times when installing…maybe 20 prompts, I lost count 🙂

Check out some Symbian^4 action on the i8910. As this runs right on top of Symbian, since Qt is a UI framework, we may see it coming later on. The demonstration starts around 40 seconds into the video. Courtesy of AAS.

I have no links though, it was strictly a demo for SEE 2009.The Demand Issue

One of the major gripes from the comments on my meeting with Samsung and forum discussions is the issue of “demand”. Samsung was talking about market demand (when considering other popular devices) for these features. Here’s an example. Let’s look at the iPhone for a second. One of the most popular devices on the market. We could say its features are the benchmark (no, not really, but it’s the single most popular device in the world). It has no FM transmitter, neither does the Motorola Droid(get it? Droid does…not), or the Palm Pre, why? This feature never really took off, most people don’t even know what it is. It was more ‘popular’ 3 years ago on the Nokia N95 and in a few other devices today. The iPhone doesn’t even have a flash so a torch is out of the question. No HD video to talk about at all. It may be choppy, but it’s there on the i8910 together with other video resolutions that work flawlessly. The iPhone didn’t even have video recording until the iPhone 3gs which came a while after the i8910 was announced(after its design and feature set were finalized) so auto focus is not implemented. Neither is front camera access, the iPhone doesn’t even have a front camera, just a 3.2MP one at the back. Call recording is rarely ever seen in any device, certainly not on the iPhone etc. etc. Ok, I know I’m being overly positive for a change, deliberately picking on the features that the i8910 has over the competition. The point being that we should be more realistic. Yes, we want these features, we’re ‘demanding’ for them, but they were not really in demand at the time the i8910 was designed and overall when we look at other ‘similar’ devices on the market. I’d like more features packed in yesterday but we have to be patient. The guys at Samsung are playing their part.

Why am I trying to justify Samsung’s responses? They made an effort to address these issues and to talk to me and we’ve made serious tangible progress. Very few comments about Samsung are positive yet they went out of their way to make this happen. This is not the end, it’s only the beginning so be more optimistic please.